The Kensta Group – Constructing Growth:

The Kensta Group is all about unparalleled business synergy – offering our clients end-to-end solutions to remove the borders to their business growth. Kensta brings together an extraordinary diverse range of print and digital mediums, Kensta Group consistently and professionally offers effective solutions to our clients communications needs.

Our teams of highly skilled professionals, well versed in the technical know-how of print, consult with clients and offer the highest level of support throughout the printing process.



Transpaper – The right print medium
Effective communication is achieved by printing on the right medium – the medium best suited in style, quality and make-up for the job in hand.

Transpaper provides any raw material required for all print processes in both analogue and digital, a one-stop-shop for all printing materials.  Be it watermarked paper for corporate stationary, durable material for banners and signage, high quality paper for brochures or promotional materials, heavy duty boarding, Transpaper has the partnerships in place with global suppliers to ensure the right material is available.  By seeking out environmentally sound products and supplying and distributing only the finest mediums available, our clients, be they the small office or the large print house, are provided with the means to produce the highest quality finished product possible.



Zenith – Understanding Rollers:

Manufacturing industry standard rubber rollers used in offset, flexographic and gravure printing, Zenith goes beyond the area of pure print and provides rubber rollers for paper folding machines, perforating machines, cold glue application machines and varnishing machines as well as for a complete range of other support functions for the printing industry.  Understanding our client’s constraints, Zenith provides refurbished as well as new rubber rollers.

Outside the traditional printing industry, we extend our expertise to the plastic and metal decorating industries.  Within the plastics arena Zenith refurbishes rollers for film extruders and re-winders.  Services for the metal decorating industry include the production of rollers for printing and varnishing machines.



KenNat – Inks by Design

Developing inks specifically designed to meet the needs of each client’s business, KenNat delivers inks based on SICPA and Siegwerk technology for the broad range of printing processes as well as high tech specialty inks for UV protection, acrylic varnishing and many others.  Designed to minimise environmental impact, KenNat inks comply with latest health, safety and environmental standards.  High end products include security ink used in cheques and VIP documents.



Vivid – The Right Equipment

Every print job is best achieved on a machine expressly designed for that individual task and the team at Page has the knowledge to provide clients with the right equipment for their needs.  The ethos is to look at our clients requirements and budgets, be it on digital or analogue platforms and create a tailor-made solution. The benefit of being an independent distributor means the clients can choose from a variety of brands, the best suited to their needs. Adding value, sharing industry knowledge and providing the highest level of technical support, Page supplies the full range of equipment required by our clients for their Offset, Screen printing and Signage development businesses.


Express Automation

The Digital Division – Overcoming Business Constraints

Dedicated to designing and maintaining practical and affordable solutions to our clients specific business communications needs, Express Automation offers a full range of services from two-way radio, to integrated digital telecommunications networks, to state-of-the-art document management systems, to the latest broadband technology.

Services offered by Express Automation include:

  • Creation of custom-made communications systems, interlinked into a single platform.
  • Electronic and physical security systems to ensure maximum business privacy.
  • State-of-the-art document management systems to enhance efficiency.
  • Imaging solutions for printing and copying needs.
  • Money processing systems for cash management and currency counting.