ACE Rotavators are manufactured under the supervision of skilled engineers.The design of modern Rotavator is useful for medium and heavy tractors.

Benefits of Rotavators

1. Rotavator pulverises the soil and makes the field suitable for sowing with in single effects as compared to Harrorw , Cultivator and Broax.
2. ACE Rotavator (gear type) is more powerful than Rotavator (Chain).

3. Rotavator gives long life to tractor, save time and diesel and maintain the humidity level in soil.

4. Rotavator works well in any type (wet and dry fields).

5. It weeds the pillion Harvest Residual / Spontaneous Plants from fields which is used for organic fertilizer.

6. ACE Rotavator is beneficial to make the field for sowing paddy sugarcane, potato, banana, maize and cotton.

7. Diesel consumption is very less, because special design of rotor bade is used is used which decrease the load on tractor and tyres does not slip.

Main Features

1. Long life special steel rotor blade .
2. Export quality heavy duty gear box ix used .
3. The frame of Rotavator is made of rectangular heavy duty pipe with special steel.
4. High tensile steel nuts ,bolts are used in Rotavtor .
5. Tractor and Rotavator are safe by providing safety bolts arrangement in P.T.O shaft against overloading .
6. Side disc is available according to demand.
7. Adjustable trailing board and lower hitch clamp is used to make strong grip on frame.