Welcome to Taurus Solutions, a complete solution provider of material handling, construction, and farm equipments.

Our Services

Material Handling Equipment

Our material handling range is supported by our partners Heli (China), Meclift (Finland) and Combilift (Ireland). Through their support we are able to provide a customizable range of forklifts, reach stackers and pallet trucks to meet any order regardless of size and industry.

Racking and Shelving

Reliably aided by our partner Sunnyrack (China), we are able to design warehouses from the ground up to cater to international standards.

Why us?


We aim to be a one-stop destination for warehousing purposes.


Our highly experienced team can ensure smooth operations.

Competitive Pricing

Taurus are the most competitive option out there.


Our partners are internationally renowned for their dedication to new technology.


Based between Industrial Area and Mombasa Road, we understand the local working environment.


We’ll take a forklift off your hands and give you a new one at a reasoable price.


We count among our partners, several Chinese and European manufacturers, and we harness their experience to tailor a completely African experience.