Forklift Attachments

We import forklift attachments directly from our manufacturers and also recognized attachment companies like Cascade and Kaup to ensure the finest quality for our customers. Our range of attachments include forklift paper clamps, bale clamps, booms for steel coils, and Olecranon drum clamps.

1&2 tower stack

1 & 2 Stack Tower Clamp

For situations where lifting one roll still isn’t fast enough, we provide a clamp to lift between two and eight rolls at a time. Customisable for use with both forklifts and stackers.

Bale clamp

Bale Camp

Bale Clamp – Quite common in the fabric and recycling industry, bale clamps are attached to forklifts to handle multiple bales of waste at the same time.

carton clamp

Carton Clamp

Not unlike the bale clamp, the carton clamp can also be used in a wide array of manufacturing fields, whether it’s with electronic appliances or the packaged foods industry.

load extender

Load Extender

An attachment which works in tandem with forks or paper clamps, the load extender can help with the fast loading and off-loading of inaccessible goods, as well as their storage.

single-double pallet handler

Single-Double Pallet Handler

Primarily used in the bottling and brewing industries, but with a utility in several other industries, this attachment relies on hydraulics and a side-shift to carry multiple pallets from the comfort of the driver’s seat.


Slipsheet Handler

Crucial for companies which favour slipsheets over pallets, this attachment is of utmosts necessity to companies handling raw materials in the construction industry as well as those handling grain in the agricultural industry.