Pallet Trucks

We provide a range of pallet trucks from HELI (China) that include 3 ton Manual pallet trucks, semi-electric pallet trucks, and fully-electric pallet trucks. We also have pallet trucks for specific industries such as reel pallet trucks, rough terrain pallet trucks, scale pallet trucks, and stainless steel pallet trucks.

Manual Pallet Truck

Manual Pallet Trucks

Manual Pallet Trucks – Whether you call them pallet trucks, pallet jacks, pallet movers, or pallet trolleys, everyone knows what this machine is. The most basic form of a forklift, we offer manual pallet trolleys in wide (695mm) and narrow (550mm). While the capacity can differ, we opted only to bring in 3 ton manual pallet trolleys as they are the most versatile for any customer.

Semi-electric Pallet Trucks

Semi-electric Pallet Trucks – As is the case with the stacker equivalent, these machines are moved manually while the lifting aspect is button controlled. We usually bring 1.5 ton semi-electric pallet trolleys as well as 2 ton semi-electric pallet trolleys.

Lithium-ion Pallet Trucks

Lithium-ion Pallet Trucks – These machines need only be charged for two hours before being utilized for six to eight hours. We usually bring in two fully electric pallet trucks.

Reel-Pallet Trucks

Reel-Pallet Trucks – Used in the printing industry to carry paper reels, in the steel industry to carry steel coils, and by manufacturers for steel and plastic pipes. We provide 2 ton capacity reel carriers.